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Thanks to all who appreciated my candor and honesty or didn't care one way or the other *which is the majority* you got the ad and know the frustrations of selling anything of value online. I sold a KC 482 on here years ago and the wimpy, nervous, double minded guys drove me up the wall. Luckily this piece sold along with a set of TF heads, T&D rockers, Scat Forged stroker kit, etc sold in 30 mins.

The intent of my ad meant to say, If you don't know what your looking at don't contact me, I'm working on a very demanding project and don't have allot of time for silly questions. I was being honest and upfront. I see ads like this and appreciate the directness, if it's something I don't need I keep scrolling not wishing them ill.

But there are these thought police that want to start arguments on FB behind the anonymity of a computer screen. They are quick to point fingers and talk big. To my new buddy Mike: if you want to call me a dick to my face you are most welcome to give it a try. I mean come on dude a decent human being doesn't call a man names unless he's willing to do it face to face. We are in the same club, share the same passion, love our cobras why you gotta waste people's time and start **** is beyond me. I'm too busy for such silliness. You and your little FB hit squad should go work on your cars or do something positive in the world instead of calling names and starting arguments. Feel sorry for you man.

So to all the vocal FB jack wagons that like to pick apart fellow cobra brothers and start arguments because their dicks are too short you have my sincerest apology for hurting your mangina.

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