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Default Brakes and Suspension Systems

Hello Everyone !

I am quite close to converting my fun ride to a daily drive. After 3 years of work (!) I even managed to get a custom hardtop a la Le Mans style…I hope to post some nice pics once my rebuild is done. I will def have a built-in AC to push some cool air in my build now that I have a beautiful hardtop that fits my Classic Roadster.

Just few questions where I need advice:

- for a smooth daily drive (and because I hate the too stiff drive), I like to change the entire suspension system for a smoother ride. I would like to know the list of things you think I have to change in the current set up and secondly, which brands / which suppliers I better use for a complete set that I can rely on for good

- brake system — full replacement to disc —- again and HOCHTIEF brands, suppliers and which parts would I need to replace

Many thanks in advance !
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