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the more threads i read on brakes and suspension, the more lost i get ! What's even more scary is every time somebody starts by saying they are not an expert, i don't understand anything else they are saying under their the cost of requesting double work, is there a chance somebody could send me PRODUCT LINKS (preferably SUMMIT), in order to update my brake and suspension to latest technology...or isn't there even such a thing ? do we have options as owners to make technologically advanced set ups or are we bound to stick to dated products ? currently my brake efficiency is showing 50% so i am not able to pass the road test....similarly my back is hurting every time i cross a bump and i need a much more comfortable drive

p.s. sorry but i am able to hold a technical conversation or ask or answer specific questions....hope that explains why i am requesting links going straight to Products that i have to purchase...hope life is not way more complicated than that !
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