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Thanks for the kind words, Gary but you give me too much credit.

Most of the stuff I post is basic blocking and tackling, to use a football analogy. Once someone gets involved with EFI, if they go to any professional training sessions the instructor will take you through the same knowledge very early in their training sessions.

There is an excellent knowledge source in Michigan called Calibrated Success, which is where I got a lot of my knowledge. It is owned and operated by a man named Greg Banish.

Greg is a professional fuel systems calibrator that works on a contract basis for GM, Ford and Chrysler sometimes simultaneously I think, but he speaks writes and trains in everyday plain English that we all can understand. He is stunningly good and provides both live and video training for EFI suystems. He usually does the live training in the US although I suspect you guys might be able to lure him downunder with the right size class.

This is his website (<= clickable). You will find links there to his books and DVD training videos. The two videos he has that I found particularly good for me were the Advanced Training Episodes 1 thru 4 and the Ford Advanced Tuning Training DVD - DVD_3.

The Advanced Training, episodes 1-4 is what he calls the universal truths and is applicable to all brands and styles of EFI systems. The Ford Advanced Training DVD is specific to the Ford OEM ECU's and OEM fueling strategies. Both are excellent.

I think the biggest benefit of the DVD's is the ability to go back a week, a month or years later and refresh the training in your head — I like them a lot. If you follow his lead when it comes time to tune your car you will only buy dyno time. The actual tuning will be done by yourself and one or two extra guys and probably better than the dyno operator would have done for you.

For those interested in the stuff I shared in the earlier post, here is a link to a downloadable paper on some of the subject matter. It is in PDF format. Greg writes and talks the same plain English we all speak and use. If you are interested in EFI I believe you will find his paper on Are all Fuel Injectors Created Equal? (<=clickable) and his other work equally if not more interesting.

Help them do what they would have done if they had known what they could do.

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