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Originally Posted by nkb View Post
As a new prospective cobra replica buyer I have been researching the various options out there. I am looking at 289 slabside. I basically winnowed it down to ERA (Fiberglass) and Kirkham (Aluminum), though still haven't completely ruled out others. I readily got pricing for the ERA but had some difficulty getting current Kirkham pricing.

Based upon perusing this forum I had guessed perhaps that a Kirkham roller could be $100K+ as it seemed that is what various others had experienced. However, the quote I finally received was more in the range of the Shelby aluminum version. $200K for a roller with 50% down. But without the CSX continuation VIN of the Shelby, I think. $20K discount if not assembled. No special options or finish were included. Option, $25K for polish or brushed.

Seems that Kirkham has perhaps made a major pricing change recently (unless all of my information was very stale). It also makes the used Kirkhams out there more attractive (less expensive).
The Kirkham website used to have a pricing calculator for options. If you pushed all the option buttons the price probably quickly approached $200K, but that included the polished or brushed finish. One of the expensive options was the original style suspension with girling style brakes. Did you ask for that? Or were you getting the billet style suspension for that $200K price? Perhaps their prices have really gone up in the last couple of years.

I doubt Kirkham made many slabsides, so it may be quite a while before you see a used one come up for sale.

Although at the current pricing you might like a CSX over a Kirkham, regardless of what you get, you want to get someone qualified to do the engine/transmission install and alignment. On Facebook for the last couple of weeks David Kirkham has been posting about a small block CSX continuation car that was completely messed up by "ORCs" as he calls them. There was bailing wire and a plastic zip tie on a broken leaf spring, grinder marks on all kinds of things, metal filings in the differential, extra holes drilled in the engine mounts, messed up transmission mount due to using the wrong bellhousing and dozens of more problems. David and team are doing a lot of work to get this CSX rebuilt correctly. I would hate to see the bill after Kirkham gets done getting this car right. I wonder who the owner used to originally install the engine and align the car. I hope it was an amatuer mechanic and not a Shelby dealer.
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