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Originally Posted by ERA 626 View Post
your comment about glass CSX cars being SPF cars? you are correct in saying that both cars are made by hi-tech in the same factory but completely different cars.
This is absolutely incorrect in relation to the slabside Cobras. The HT/SPF 427 car is completely different from the 427 that they build for Shelby, but their slabside is the exact same car, minus badging, branding, that all-important (to some) CSX number and I think - as mentioned by Larry - the optional differential.

Originally Posted by ERA 626 View Post
The customer service from ERA will be light years better that SPF...
Well the OP never asked about customer service, so I'd best leave that debate to others except to add that given ERA's well-established focus and pride in their limited production and extremely long wait times; it wouldn't surprise me one bit if SPF wasn't better able (and/or inclined**) to be faster and more responsive to new or potential customers and their pesky inquiries.

**kinda based on personal experience
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