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hi everyone --- i am taking the risk of being viewed lazy and have no choice but ask again because i am really lost when i read the threads.

Not sure if anyone would have enough time to send me direct links to products i have to purchase to complete my brake and suspension system. On suspension, my aim is a soft drive as much as possible. On brakes, my aim is the most technologically advanced option (i guess barring ABS option!)

Roylerumble -- appreciate the ebay link you sent for the front suspension system. My concern is the follow on messages i am reading suggest to add few things for a proper set up such as anti dive etc. Plus, i guess i am as unexperienced as not clearly understanding if this front set is all about it to cover both brakes and suspension or anything else is needed. Plus, what about the rear system,,,

So all in all, in case anyone has enough time to send me almost a basket of links for a complete set, that would most highly be appreciated. Am aware it may be little too much to ask but trust me it's because i have no other option.
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