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Originally Posted by Mark IV View Post
Basically correct. There are some differences, the Shelby has "SHELBY" branded calipers while the SPF has "Wilwood" branded. The SPF has the ZF differential standard with CV joint axles with the Salisbury optional in either the alloy 4HU type or a reman Jaguar type with mounting adaptors (hint: The iron Jag doesn't have the fluid leakage/pump out issue the alloy unit does). The Salisbury option uses Dana "plunge" axles as per the day. The bodies and chassis' come off the same tooling that is owned by the same person. There are slight differences in some of the options as on the SPF side we offer things like EPAS electric power steering and we know that if you order a red or tan interior the dash should be black as NO Cobras came with red or tan dashes. We currently have car going to build that will be a very well done duplicate of an early 289 with Smiths gauges and some other minor but noticeable differences.

We were involved in the prototyping of the SPF leaf spring car which was then co-opted by Shelby for the Anniversary FIA and street roadster models ("Slabside"...hate that term, nothing "flat" about them).

Here is Jim's (1795) SPF FIA at the Pittsburgh Vintage: https://www.matthewlittlephotography...2021/i-SQ3PxGr

From what I recall, it seems that SPF likes to install the optional Kirkham alloy differential incorrectly, which causes the pump out and SPF has no intention of changing how they do the installation.

I think it was discussed in this lengthy thread, which I don't feel like re-reading at this point.

KMS Differential Questions

You seem to have some influence at SPF, maybe if you referred them to the correct way to install the Kirkham differentials, they might pay attention to you?
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