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Originally Posted by byronpete21 View Post
I talked with Jim Friday, and have a call scheduled with him Monday so I know he is around. I am following your post closely as I am having a very similar problem with my setup as well. Some of my mixture screws I can adjust to full close with no affect on idle, and some of them change the idle with a very small amount of adjustment. I too have chased air leaks and have yet to find one. My next step I think will be to check my float levels and re-check everything. I am also trying to sort out the same 2500 rpm stumble. Feel free to PM me if you would like. Maybe we can be of some assistance to each other.


I have been going over some old threads thying to find a solution to some of my problems similar to Byron. Why do some of these threads end without a final solution? Am I missing something?

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