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Originally Posted by 86Sebring View Post
If I pull the switch towards me, the low beams are coming on, but they don't stay on, there is no click, when I let go of the switch, it goes back to high beams.
Could it be a faulty switch, even though the horn and blinkers work properly...?
The stalk switch assembly should have a distinct detent when going
high to low (or back to high) and the lever moves and stays in that position.

There's a contact at the base of the stalk that's closed for high beam
and open for low beam. If there's no positive detent keeping the
stalk switch in the low beam position, what could be happening is
you're pulling the lever, and by force alone opening the contact,
switching to low beam. But, upon releasing the lever is moves
back to high beam position closing the contact.

If so, this is a faulty switch assembly. It's a LUCAS 119SA

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