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Default Cobra Driving Experience Across Manufacturers

I'm curious to know about the driving experience of Cobras across different manufacturers.

Having only ever driven 1 other Cobra for a brief stretch other than my own ERA FIA, I'm curious to know how others stack up.

Original 427/289 vs leaf spring Kirkham/CSX vs IRS ERA, etc.

For example, how does my ERA FIA compare in experience to the original? Would I hate driving an original Cobra or love it more than I do my ERA?

I'll admit something that many of you won't agree with: I had my engine rebuilt and increased HP from roughly 420 to 490; while I noticed the increase in power, if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't care if it stayed in the low 400s.

I know that this conversation can go in a lot of different directions but I don't mind whichever direction it goes...
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