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Originally Posted by Harpoon PV2 View Post
Shelby never built a single car back in the 60s! The tag says it all, A.C. Cars LTD Thames Ditton, England. Shelby's people put the engine and transmission in. There were a handful of King Cobra's built by the Cooper Car Co, in England. Even the Daytona Coupe prototype had it's body built by Bill Honda at California Metal Shaping, the rest were rebodied by Carrozzeria Gran Sport in Modena, right under the nose of Ferrari!

As for the Ford computer designed suspension for the big block Cobra's, that is not completely true either. When Alan Turner at AC received the drawings from ford, he discovered the suspension was right in the middle of the driver and passenger, Phil Remington, who was there on lone from Shelby chalked it up to the computers not being very good in those days. Of course we now know, it was not the Ford computers fault, no one from Ford told AC Cars LTD, or Shelby Enterprise that the car was suppose to be longer! Oddly, when Bob Negstadt showed up at AC, he never told them about the longer wheel base, even though he knew about it, he just rolled up his sleeves and helped Alan redesign the suspension to work with the original 90" wheelbase. Thus the most replicated car in history, hands down, was a very flawed design. Truth is stranger then fiction!
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