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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post

Whenever we have engine failures there is always angst over the event and the repair / restoration process. Your video of the loose valve in the guide is way more than 0.003 to 0.004" clearance. It is more than any worn guide I have ever seen.

Without being there to inspect the pieces I can't say much more about the poor fit. It is possible that incorrect guides or valves were assembled together. As several people have already observed, the guide that stands above the spring seat looks shorter than it ought to be and certainly shorter than any guide I have ever seen.

The fact that the finished head is the result of multiple visits to multiple shops does not play to your advantage. At this time the short road home is new guides, depending on the condition of the valves very likely new valves and a fresh valve job. I recommend you have all the work done at a single shop.

Whoever the "racing engine specialist" was that you visited, I would not go back to him. He misinformed you on multiple issues which the other guys have already tagged many of. My first two choices for you to get the heads squared away properly would be Brent at Lykins Motorsports (I think I did that right) or Lance at Craft. Both are very good my preference would be Brent

It is decidedly to your advantage to use a single engine builder for all your engine's build needs. When you begin to shop around parts and services from multiple sources you are building a receipe for failure. I know it doesn't seem like you ought to but that is the way it usually plays out.

Wish you the best on the rebuild single source your labor and parts, you'll be glad you did.

I agree with you Ed. Too much people working on an engine is not a good solution at all !!! Rebuild will be done by myself only !!

As I live in France it's impossible to send heads to Brent or KC but we have good machine shop here so that won't be a problem to replace guides / do a valve job / etc...

The racing engine specialist talk to me about all possibles issues but for him it's a valve guide problem or a too high valve lift causing premature guides failure.
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