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Originally Posted by Soundkillr View Post
I totally agree. And yes both springs are rusted and broken. Now here is the REALLY wierd runs fantastic until 4800 rpm where it breaks up and falls on its face.
Apparently it's done this since I bought it....indicating to me it's always been broken.
My biggest concern is someone readjusted the timing so it would run fine with broken springs...but fall apart on the top end. But what do I know. I find the entire thing very interesting and cant wait to see if this fixes my issue.
Ever since I bought the car it would never get to 5k rpm. Which I thought was odd considering it has the performer intake and heads...leading me to believe it was built to breath to ar least 6k rpm.....
Once you install the springs and time it, if you still have "Breaking up at 4800" visualy check your MSD box to see if you have a white chip (6AL) or an RPM setting dialed in
(Digital 6AL). The RPM limiter is probably not your issue but good to eliminate just the same.

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