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Originally Posted by splenderleith View Post
I have a Superformance cobra, built in 1996, with a 460 crate motor. This past Saturday, I was pulling into my neighborhood and I heard a terrible noise. I limped it a few hundred feet to get it into the garage. After some diagnosing, I found a completely shattered valve spring, maybe 7 or 8 pieces. I was able to find the keepers and what was left of the seal. I have some new springs and seals on order. My biggest concern is that I canít get the valve to move. It appears to be in the closed position, with everything off of it (rocker arm and spring seats removed), but I canít get it to budge even the slightest bit. I have given it some light taps with the lead hammer, but it seems pretty stuck. I guess my main concern is if the valve could have bent, below where it sticks out of the head. Has anyone experienced anything like this?
Please post some photos of all valve stem heights with the rockers off.

A valve that seems to be in the closed position is unlikely after a valve spring breaks.

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