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I recently finished installing a Mishimoto X-line (fits E36 BMW which is what a BDR uses).
The X-line is a 3 row 91% capacity than the supplied OEM E36 unit.
A bit cheaper here:

That said the the 2 row Mishimoto is more than adequate as a replacement.
(I had bought the X-line as Amazon had mis-priced it awhile back.)

Be aware if you use the x-line the coil area is 550mm wide vs 520mm stock, + the side tanks are much larger. So picking up your old mount holes to the car and for the fan shroud need to be measured from centerline.

Hoses are all the same except the lower hose which needs a 45 bend. Dayco: 70115 or NAPA: NBH 7196 will work.

I have an early car and used 2 Mishimoto 10" race fans which honestly made it drivable in Texas summer traffic.

As far as the radiator, I did not like the horror stories of the OEM BMW radiator plastic side tanks giving way and stranding folks.

Last tip: Cover the front and back of the coil fins with cardboard while working/fitting etc... take the cardboard off the front once you get the upper bolts tacked on, and off the back once the shroud is tacked on. Tough lesson from when I was 16, lol.

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