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Originally Posted by splenderleith View Post
I was able to remove the intake and all 10 of the head bolts. I can definitely see a bent valve from the intake port.

I haven’t figured out how to get the head loose. Any ideas?
You might try using air. Make sure all the head bolts are loose or removed. Put a fitting in one of the spark plug holes in an end cylinder (not the one with the broken valve) and pressurize it. Area of a 4.36" bore is 4.75 sq inches, so 100 PSI is 475 lbs pressure pushing up on the cylinder head.

2021-10-17 Edit: 460 CID standard bore is 4.36", so (4.36 ÷ 2)² x 3.14159 = 4.7524 x 3.14159 = 14.93 in² x 100 PSI = 1,493 lbs.

My earlier numbers were incorrect.

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