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Hi 1985 CCX. Which pins do you mean?

I would say yes #1: The 2 ferrels/sockets just behind the door where the convertible top bows fit in are also used to locate the hardtop. You would fit the hardtop first and then install the pins onto the inside of the hardtop to accurately locate the pins in the convertible top bow sockets. I was going to use a good old muscle car hood pin or a piece of ss or alum rod whose diameter matches the bow socket.

If you mean the lift-a-dot fasteners along the back of the convertible top, I would say yes #2. Assuming you are using a fairly standard convertible top and not one too highly customized. The rear edge of the hardtop would be outside the line of lift-a-dot pins.

The Ron Butler hardtop probably wouldn't work over roll bars. But you could always reconfigure/add height to the back lower edge of the hardtop to make it high enough.

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