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Originally Posted by Soundkillr View Post
Here is what I know about specs. Apparently this is a holley 850 double pumper. Fuel pressure set to 7.5 and running a blue pump. Not sure hows its jetted...but again problem is up high so my guess is it would be secondary jetting if anything. I plan to film the pressure gauge aa I drive and see if pressure is dropping off. It is a dead head style.

I will fill up on gas...but the car has a 1/4 tank on those runs. The fuel gauge is just lazy when it gets lower on fuel.

Video of the run can be seen a few posts back on page 2
Good info so far.

I have watched your first video perhaps 100 times now.

Very odd to "cut" like that. It appears you are already at wide open throttle at 3000 rpm, and as the engine sweeps past early 4000, I can't see that being a carb issue.
I would like to see another video. Could be your carb or ignition.

Myself, I hate MSD. I don't use it at all. A mate of mine says his car feels "like a 6 cylinder at times". I'm trying to convince him to go with an ICE ignition system.

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