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Default 302/5.0L water pump, rad, pulley combo

I posted the question in my other thread researching the mods to my 91 mustang 5.0 I'm dropping in my CRII. Figured I'd start a thread on this specifically

I went to take a look at the parts that came with my car, and the rad is a Johnson Radiator Company model 3686 E-91 with a drivers upper hose and a pass lower.

I think I'll either go with these pully's and belts from CVF, I ran them on my mopar and was really happy.: or

I want to put an expansion tank on, like to go a FE style if possible, but that would require a rad that used a passenger side upper, no? Then I'd need a drivers side lower?

I found a pretty good how to modify a FE tank off FFCARS here:

I've been going through the CRII forum and the smallblock ones to see what guys have done. Is there any reason why it seems most of the CRII builds do drivers side upper and pass lower rads and drives side water pumps? Whos done it differently?

Is there some expansion tanks that would allow me to use the rad I have that someone may have come across?
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