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Originally Posted by spdbrake View Post
The upper strut is held in by 3 10mm nuts
Upper bearing:

...It's a good idea to spring for BDR camber plates while your at it. Note: E36 BMW plates are clocked 60deg off the BDR plates (orientation of the bolts and E36 plate don't work as they will affect caster and camber because the the strut ends up moving inboard and forward during adjustment. There are some plates that kinda work but you end up using the caster adjustment for a camber adjustment on the BDR.)
E36 plates:
BDR plates: Have disappeared from the Iconic website. I'd call and check the lead time if you're going that route.

This thread has info
Backdraft camber plates

I used E46 aftermarket camber plates. They are oriented correctly for BDR, but will have to be trimmed if you get the round ones. Search for them and you can see the offset difference. You MUST also use Long Sleeve Camber Plate Strut Mount Center Nut w/ M14 x 1.5 Threads for them to work with the BDR struts though.
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