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Hey everyone, I stopped posting once it became more of a cyber bullying event than giving actual valuable advice. You could certainly read through the posts to see what I am talking about.

Just a quick update: everything is fixed and in good working order. It was a pretty big job (for me), but you can absolutely service the heads while they are in the car. From this point forward, I will be checking my valve springs annually, to avoid these issues in the future. I had to replace both valves in the cylinder and I went ahead and changed all of the springs and seals on both sides of the engine. The machine shop removed the broken valve, replaced the guides and machined the valve seats. Some of the exhaust valve keepers were a bit difficult to break free, but I was able to get them to break free with full compressor pressure in the cylinder, a socket and a hammer.

I went for about an hour drive yesterday and another 2 hours today. Everything seems good and stable.
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