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Default Turn Signal Issue

Hello everyone, 1st post with a new to me BDR Cobra, #165. I believe I am the 3rd owner, I know the first owner was a member of this site and posted often.

When I received the car a couple weeks ago everything worked perfectly, signals were all working normally. I wanted to change out the steering wheel to something more classic, and in doing the wheel change I messed with the pin on the backside of the hub for the self cancelling. Long story short The turn signals no longer worked after that point. I ended up finding a blown fuse and sourced it back to the pin on the hub grounding out and blowing the fuses. Fixed that issue and now when I flip the stock either direction both front and rear flash like the hazards were on. In addition the blue light on the dash also flashes with the orange turn signal bulb on the dash. I thought I may have blown up the flasher module so I purchased a replacement, unfortunately that did not change anything.

I am not great with electrical and not sure what could have changed to now make the turn signal no longer function properly. I am stumped, any suggestions?
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