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Originally Posted by mrmustang View Post
I think you are a bit confused as to a modern "aluminum body option" for the SPF as most of those are sourced from Kirkham as CSX series cars and not SPF series cars.
Although, there are one or two, maybe even three that were discussed here years ago.

Aluminum body?

Bill S.

In post #190, CompClassics mentioned the aluminum body option, which I assumed meant on an SPF.

I was just curious what an aluminum SPF might cost, but I suspect that such a car might actually start as body and frame shipped from Kirkham's Poland factory and finished in South Africa with SPF parts. If such a thing is still an option, it would be interesting to see what it might cost. From another thread here and on facebook, it seems that if you want to build a brand new Kirkham today that it will likely be over $200K, and most likely approaching $300K. Perhaps an aluminum body SPF might be more reasonably priced. I am not in the market for Cobra with both of my kids in college now, so I guess the price does not matter to me. But it seems that USC_COWBOY has some interest in having a replica of his father's car, but I don't know if a Fiberglass SPF or aluminum SPF would be a feasible expense for him.

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