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I will add this to my direct knowledge of the parts that were provided by Hasselrig for the building of 2049. When I went to Hasselrig’s shop in Los Angeles to sort through parts for the build I was amazed at the amount of parts that Hasselrig had. There was a box with 2 sets of doors, the CSX # for one of the doors was known as coming from a car that someone had gone on a fishing trip with SAAC as trying to lay claim to in order to claim ownership of, it is documented in the SAAC Registry. There Were many duplicate parts available that were provided for the build. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to see the CSX numbers on the other doors but the one with the CSX number that I do know was provided as one of the parts for the building of 2049, the section of the door frame with the stamp was cut from the original door and grafted into the new door that was provided with the new body / chassis purchase. There are a lot of details that would truly muddy the waters on this seemingly innocent build that I have direct knowledge of but let’s just leave it at this 2049 is dead. Just because you own a title doesn’t mean you own the car.

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