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Originally Posted by bobcowan View Post
Heat in the footbox is a real issue, and always has been. In a street Cobra, the exhaust is directly under the floorboards. In the S/C configuration, the header tubes are directly in front of the foot box. Of course some heat will end up in the foot box. Everyone who drives a Cobra knows this.

Everyone who drives a Cobra knows this.

After reading these posts, you would not believe that statement!

Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to mitigate that fact. As said, shoes would be the first step. But there are lots of other options if you like to drive without shoes.
Much thanks for actually stating that what my original question was, was in fact VALID!

1. ADMITTING HEAT IS AN ISSUE! thank you Lord!

I have never driven without shoes so need to go there.

I now know there are options should it be a problem when I buy a car.

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