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I have five plus years and over 11,000 miles in my SPF 289 Street Roadster (I too hate the "slabside" moniker). Yes, as the exhaust runs close to the pedal box under the car heat will radiate to the pedal shaft and thus to the alloy plate that covers the floor opening. We found that either DEI or Dynamat heat mat will reduce the heat. Lizardskin spay heat treatment also will help. Still if you are in socks it will be warm but not nasty. A big block roadster is even worse, a friend that owned CSX3327 has imprints of the "AC" pedal logos on his sneakers after a trip to Watkins Glen (about 125 miles). Also some cars need some sealing of the outer footboxes to the body to prevent engine compartment heat infiltrating the cockpit. Regardless, the SPF insulation is far superior to the AC non-existent heat treatment.

The optional footbox vents are very effective and if equipped you can run the heater blower with the heat valve closed to circulate air in the footboxes. My wife has never complained and believe me she would.

Bottom line: We have several 289s running around have had no complaints of heat from the owners.
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