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Originally Posted by mrmustang View Post

With all of the other youtube video's covering the 289 street roadsters, you unfortunately picked the worst one. The start of the video, when he does not have the mechanical or mental ability to put the key in the ignition (after he took it out before the first take) is your your first clue. Choosing to not drive the car with at least a pair of sandals on was your second clue. Quite frankly, I spent a little time reviewing his other driving videos and did not get a warm and fuzzy feeling on his abilities.

My sound advice, find someone or a club, close to you who has a car similar to what you are looking for, speak with them about their experiences, and just how they like or dislike certain items about their cars. Not all replicas are the same, each has it's own quirks when being built, and driven. Mostly, based on the owner, or originals builders personal tastes.

PS: I suggest adding a location to your profile, as there may just be an owner you don't known about in your general area that will read this thread and be gracious enough to want to assist.
Bill: I agree about the guy in the video. I've seen a lot of car review videos, and his classifies more as entertainment than enlightenment. When I say 'entertainment', I mean like cat videos or trains heading toward each other on the same track. Sometimes comical, sometimes disastrous. If I were doing a video like that with any modicum of self-respect, I'd edit out the idiocy of fumbling with the keys - and I'd never drive without proper footwear.

Regardless, your "sound advice" is sound advice, as is your postscript. Finding someone who actually owns and lives with one of these cars is far better than some YouTube clown who is more interested in 'likes' and 'thumbs ups' for his videos than he is about fairly presenting the automobile.
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