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Originally Posted by Alfa02 View Post
Ok guys this is my $.03, Now I've only road raced for 40+years, drove tanker trucks for 30+ years, spent most of my adult life behind the wheel of something. NEVER, NEVER drive in just socks (sheeeeh) come on guys, if you have to hit the brake pedal HARD!!! Try it just sitting in your driveway, SEE IT HURTS (HUH??), and you don't have the control you would with shoes. Anyone that has heat issues with the footbox after trying these fixes (Shoes, heat shield, Nomex , etc) maybe shouldn't be a Cobra owner. Not trying to talk you out-of-one, but Cobras are LOUD, Smelly, rattly, and HOT. I hear Corvettes are nice, and comfy. Cheers TommyRot. P.S. this guy in the video, is a punts

Seriously, What is the obsession with beating this stupid mention of driving without shoes to death?

That has absolutely nothing to do with my question which has been completely deflected and ignored by most for some reason.

Let's get a few facts here:

The individual is a popular auto reviewer, note, I did not say "respected" because we know that his million subscribers are all posers right?

2. He said, he was NOT wearing shoes due to the fact he could not heel-toe due to the pedal placement in the CAR THAt SUPERFORMANCE GAVE HIM TO REVIEW! - Maybe read that twice.

3. Note: He did not say his normal pattern before every review is to remove his shoes since he is some kind of monk perhaps.

I have posted comments several times from real people who were WEARING SHOES that stated the dam heat build-up in the footwell can be a problem for some, extreme for some, and not even present for some.

Some of you I see really took this personally and have embarrassed yourselves by making his foot attire the issue!


I'll drive a few and buy one or two and report back.

I am sorry that asking a simple question was met with far more attitude than helpful information.

And my fav is the judgemental comment about me being a newbie. Really?

I would love to share some pics but cannot seem to get posted.

Good thing I didn't ask a political question!

thx again for the guidance.
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