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Originally Posted by Chupee View Post
Love the car and a good idea on the location!


*Actually, I picked the best video because I got a good intro to how NEWBIES are treated.

Perhaps you failed to see THIS THREAD labeled "Newbies Read this".

You came here asking for advice from those of us with real world experience, you did so with a slight chip on your shoulder when we took apart your "posted example" (an ineptly produced example that cannot be quantified) and continue to defend the video and the commentator (as if you are somehow attached to them) within. I suggest you take a giant step back, a deep breath, and perhaps look at it from the perspective of those who are actually trying to assist. Now, stop once again, and reread the thread in which I posted above in this very post. You still have time to recreate your first impression here, I suggest getting yourself together, remove the chip on your shoulder, and start from the beginning. Again, this is my personal observation and sound advice based on it. Either you get where I am coming from, or you do not. However, how you respond from this point forwards will tell us whether or not you do.

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