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Default Cobra World Championship

Originally Posted by Harpoon PV2 View Post
Actually, they won the GT Championship Division III over 2000cc. Ferrari took the Prototype Championship. Cobra's only had one first place win in any FIA races, 1963 Bridgehampton, driven by Dan Gurney. Besides Ferrari finishing before them, Porsha 356 2000cc, Abarth-Simca 1300cc and Alfa Giulia TZ 1600cc cars finished ahead of Cobra's on a regular bases. As Alan Mann, who gave Ford the 1965 class win said, "don't forget that Enzo Ferrari wasn't even looking in our direction that year, if we'd been faced with a serious Ferrari factory effort we wouldn't have known what hit us.
Shelby contested the GT championship, not the prototype class. I've never seen that quote ever from Alan Mann. I'd love to have confirmation of that. Fact is, Ferrari never stood a chance in a straight-up GT fight against Shelby in 1965. Or in 1964 for that matter. That's why Ferrari had the Italian sanctioning body cancel Monza that year.
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