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Originally Posted by twobjshelbys View Post
It'll cost you a boatload. Realizing that you don't get in a Cobra, you wear it, I figured out early on that Rule #1 of buying a Cobra is don't buy one until you've sat in that one! They vary all over the place even within the same manufacturer.

You can take the rails off and mount the seat directly to the floor. That will help with height but overall legroom can only be fixed by rebuilding the foot boxes and tunnel. The cost is such that you're better off just swapping cars with one that fits. Plus, if you start hacking the car, you end up with a one off that becomes harder to sell down the line.
Just spoke with last owner and I think the issue is solved. He is 5 6" and had pedal extensions put on, I think losing those 3 inches will be perfect! He said to just unbolt em!

We will see.......

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