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Originally Posted by mrmustang View Post
I'm not saying this is what is happening, just thinking out loud and asking the simple questions, as I (we) have seen similar in the past.

1: Is the high bidder legit?
2: Is someone trying to create a new market pricepoint?
3: Or were two intoxicated people bidding against a phantom bidder and got caught up in the frenzy?

We may never know.

Bill S.

PS: Some might remember back in the late 80's a series of Ferrari dealers getting caught bidding on each others 308's at auction to "make the market". Some might remember a dealer caught doing the same on a Cobra 20 years ago as well.
Gee Bill, you wouldn't be insinuating that the auction business is "dirty" now, would you? Oh wait, it must be 'cause "Da Bunnies" are in it!
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