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Hi Greg,

I've just finished wiring up my LS1/4L60E. I'll try to answer you based on this engine:

TCC: sounds like one of the signals associated with cruise control. If you're not using cruise control, you don't need to worry about it.

Reverse: is the reverse signal coming out of the ECU. Normally you would use it to drive the reverse light relay. (I'm picking up the reverse signal from the gear select switch on the transmission, so I don't use the ECU signal.)

INH: got no idea what this is. Can you trace it back to the ECU to find out which pin it is connected to?

RPM: this signal should go to your tacho

F/PU?+ : can you clarify the exact name of this signal, it seems to be smugged on the photo. (could be the + supply for the fuel pump relay)

O2 + IGN: do you have heated (4 wire) oxygen sensors? This could be the positive supply to the oxygen sensors. Normally when the engine is first started, the heater element in the oxygen sensors are turned on so that they come up to temperature quicker, and therefore the fuel system can go into closed loop faster

ECU BAT+ : Assuming this is an input to the ECU, it should be connected to the Battery + terminal (through a fuse).

ECU IGN + : Assuming this is an input to the ECU, it should be connected to positive through the ignition switch (ie switch to + when ignition is in the ON or start positions)

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