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Originally Posted by twobjshelbys View Post
I think you'll find that a Shelby CSX car will retain its value or slightly appreciate over the purchase price.
Potentially, depending on when you purchased your car (before the big price increases), and in the right venue, you might, M-I-G-H-T turn a mild profit on a fiberglass car. Aluminum, same thing, only a more volatile market that swings with the stock market. If you are purchasing "new" today, once again, it is not an "investment grade" item. Maybe if you hold it for 20-50 years, and there are still people around then that remember what a combustion engine is, or how to brew their own gasoline, perhaps, but I would not count on the car appreciating as long as they continue to pump others out that are newer than yours.

Again, just my two cents worth as someone who has been involved in the hobby since the early 80's

Bill S.

PS: We are talking, stand alone, private sales, as auction results can vary greatly depending on the amount of alcoholic drinks served, and the ego(s) involved at that time. Auction results, do not make the market as a whole.
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