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Originally Posted by peterpjb View Post
the problem is: they are not

the highest quality replica, wich would also be the highest worth replica, especially if they are called CSX Continuation Cobra, would be a nut and bolt original reproduction.
This is what the CSX cars are not, anyway as glass cars, but even the aluminum cars are far away from originality, as rollers and as turnkey cars.

If you want a nut and bolt original spec CSX Continuation Cobra, you have to rebuild it completely...
I know you have a burr under your saddle and it really itches whenever Shelby's name is mentioned. But that kind of "nuts and bolts" car isn't built by anyone. So in the class of "current replicas" I'll stand by the quality of the CSX cars, especially up until about 2009 or so, as being superior. After they went to HiTech they weren't special but still retain value better than the others.

And all of them basically track current replacement cost (since it was stated that Shelby and all the others crank them out based on demand).

A number of years ago I was mistakenly sent the Shelby internal price sheet (which had their cost). The margins were quite handsome. There is no reason to believe the others in the class don't benefit from similar profits.

And everyone fawns over ERA, but I wasn't impressed.

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