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Originally Posted by Allan A View Post
I would much rather have a Vegas built car CSX4000 vs the higher number. But thats me.
Well, yes, and no, it all depends on the build, and the final builder. Professionally built and finished, vs professionally built roller, and finished in someones basement. There are quite a few stories out there of both having to be torn down and rebuilt do to poor workmanship.......

I will agree, the earlier sold CSX4000 series cars that are fully sorted will hold more of a chance of being sold at a profit than the later cars. The first part of that is of course the early cars benefited from a lack of price increases, thus giving the original owners a better chance of breaking even, or turning a small profit. Once you get into the resale market after that, and I've said it before, don't bother viewing the car as a investment, but a shiny bauble that you want to own. Great deals (100% of them private and not advertised publically) happen, but they are far and few between, and no offense, but people like me generally get those calls

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