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I don't have any first hand knowledge regarding the pros/cons of poly vs glass windshields. A new windshield is something I will probably have to under take down the road, given my history. I am curious if their is a cost/longevity/optical advantage that would sway me to one or the other. From the posts I have read thus far, I get the impression glass is best, with the understanding it will need to be replaced periodically given the use of the vehicle. I also get the impression that the best poly products will last longer than glass, although not as good optically, can degrade over time and are not DOT approved. So, my uninformed take away is glass is best although more expensive and needs to be replaced more often. Also, the better poly products are close optically to glass, cheaper and will last longer, given some optical degredation over time. It is also my impression that poly will be cheaper in the long run and only need to be replaced if/when the optical clarity degrades. Glass will be more expensive initially and only need to be replaced when it is damaged. I have owned vehicles where windshield damage required replacement numerous times. So, I'm of the opinion that windshield damage is inevitable and poly may be a better financial choice for me. I understand other factors my impact this decision, such as operational environment, requirement for DOT certifications, etc. Thank you in advance for any advise provided, regardless of its impact on my final decision.
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