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Old thread, thought I would add a recent data point for those about to go through this process. I just completed my registration on my new UCC build, it was a long arduous process but the Custom Vehicle plates are definitely worth it. As many have posted, the ASE inspection is one of the biggest hurdles as few ASE Master techs keep up their certifications as most dealers don’t pay them to do it. There is a complete list of requirements on the Texas DMV website under assembled vehicles, follow it to a T, leave nothing to interpretation. You will also need an approval letter from the Regional Service Center, basically turn in your information and they verify everything with Austin, about a week later they will hopefully call and tell you to get your packet and letter.
The next step should be very easy and straightforward. Take your approval letter down to the local tax office and get your tags…..not so fast. I took my packet to the big downtown tax office in Houston, the first clerk freaked out “ what is all this!?!” as she rifled through my organized packet, papers flying everywhere. Thankfully she called her Supervisor and the Lead Clerk, they were awesome and knew just what to do. The visit still took 2 hours as they had to call Austin to verify my sales tax exemption. Lesson here, when you go to the tax office, politely explain this is a complex transaction please give it your lead clerk or the supervisor. Also make sure they click the Custom Vehicle box and not the Street Rod box, it’s the same exact form and easy to do , though I doubt it would make a difference but you don’t want to go through this again!
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