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Originally Posted by 169mph View Post
I ordered a new cover for now but I’m still exploring other options. What do y’all think I can get for my e36 rear differential? I know this is a very difficult question to answer but What should I expect to pay to have a shop do the fabrication and install one the options Eschadier was cool enough to post? I saw the new RT4 rear differential on Iconics website. Does that differential mount to the carrier / subframe the same way as the E36…single bolt to carrier?

No on the bolt up. It a whole different setup, axles, arms, etc...
Anything is possible though given enough money.

The front of the Diff wants to pop up as the tires dig in. That bolt is under heavy shear forces. That coupled with the low strength bolt you started with set it up to fail.

As I recommended using a long bolt in the previous post thus removing the threaded area from the shear load will help greatly.

Or you can install a brace which transfers the shear toward the head of the bolt. Like this one. Several companies make these.

If you're serious about changing the diff and suspension I'm sure James Yale (BDR dealer near you) could handle it as long you understand it's an open checkbook, time and materials project. Getting a 1/2 frame from BDR factory S. Africa with the axles brakes etc.. hung would be the least labor intensive less "science project" approach. Plan on a year down time.

Or put the car back together and trade it in for an RT4.
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