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One thing I noticed on the ECS site as they sell the same support is this note:
Not for use with aftermarket/performance differential bushings with a flange that protrudes further than OEM.

Although it's not mentioned in the actual instructions. You may have to take a grinder to your new bushing a bit.
The only other change is this kit comes with the OEM improved BMW 12mm bolt, you'll need to ream the forward mount hole for the Condor 14mm bolt.

Instructions here on the support installation here:

I'd apply Red 272 liquid or Stick 268 (less messy) loctite to all the hardware. Ensure all the bolts and bores are clean with Carb cleaner or Alcohol and dry.
I'd also apply it to all your axle bolts.

Apply Torq-seal or Cross-check paint to all the hardware for a visual indication of loosening.

Sorry for the rambling I'm an Aviation Tech Rep by trade and always try to give good information so folks won't kill someone....

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