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Cobra Make, Engine: Sold my EM.
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The Cobra replica I used to own was set up specifically for track use. It had openings in each valve cover plumbed to a vented catch can. Given the relatively low miles driven and the frequency at which I changed the oil, it worked. The only drawback was that I had to disconnect on of the hoses to add oil to the engine.

The two reasons most often cited for a PCV system are keeping your engine oil cleaner by actively removing bypass gases, and protecting the environment by drawing those bypass gases back through the intake to be burned. As my latest car was built as a cruiser rather than a track car, I wanted a PCV system that would not detract too much from the illusion of a 1963 engine in my Cheetah. I modified a pair of real finned aluminum valve covers so one connects to the intake with a PCV valve and the other has a filtered breather large enough to use as an oil fill.

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