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As many have stated in various threads regarding a PCV, it serves a purpose on
street driven cars continually removing crankcase contaminants and mitigating
crankcase pressure. A double breather setup relieves crankcase pressure but
does not provide any other benefit. Racers don't care about eliminating crankcase
contaminants as most perform an engine teardown annually so the double breather
methods is both simple and convenient.

I use a ME Wagner PCV which can be tuned to the engine size and HP. The line is
then routed to an air/oil separator before heading back into the carb for
elimination via combustion. The air/oil separator (catch can) sends only purified
air into the carb to avoid mixing oil mist with gasoline (source of fouled plugs).

The ADD W1 air/oil separator also has a convenient dipstick to check waste oil level
in the can. The bottom threads off for disposal or you can plumb a drain hose/valve
in the bottom.

ME Wagner PCV
Dual Flow Adjustable PCV Valve – M/E Wagner Performance Products

ADD W1 Baffled Catch Can

The above combo has worked well for me even at 500+ cu. in. and 650HP.

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