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Originally Posted by spdbrake View Post
Great info Ed,

They appear to be neck a neck although the RGI-5 is a dated design. Just appears Tremec sold the design TKO to Richmond.

I have a TR3550-II TKO and its working fine for my needs. If it dies someday I may spurge for a TKX.

I made a similar comment to a Tremec rep at the show and he said that the design was not sold / licensed to Richmond but instead was a copy of the TKO 600.

I think it is interesting that the TKO 600 and the TKX and the RGI-5 all use the same gear ratios. Obviously the basic transmission ratio selection was pretty good — it was used in three different 5 speed transmissions. With the third gear problem fixed in the TKX and Richmond versions, its essentially a coin toss — their prices in the aftermarket are identical.

The one reason I would use the Richmond box instead of the TKX is that Tremec cut us adrift for almost two decades with the TKO 600, maintaining virtually all the ill mannered TKO 600 problems we experienced were not a design/manufacturer oversight but rather an end user usage issue.

What goes around comes around. This time it's their turn in the barrel. An interesting side note is that while i did not have the opportunity to measure them, the gear tooth face width in the RGI transmission had the visual appearance of being wider than the TKO/TKX gears.

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