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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post

That said, if you have to have a vehicle operate properly anywhere from Death Valley to Denver without any intervention from the tuner, nothing today will do that better than a MAF-based system. Both approaches have specific areas where they each stand very tall.
And this is the reason that the modern systems are all MAF. The manufacturers couldn't meet emissions standards if going from Death Valley to Denver you went from running horribly rich to horribly lean. (Actually, Denver isn't a good example - going to the Visitor Center on Trail Ridge Road at 14K feet is better stress, and yes, you do see test vehicles there. I70 at the tunnels is another test vehicle section. In fact, the new Ford GT guys got stopped in that area for "excessive speed" when they were doing the altitude testing.

Speed Density EFI is an electronic carb. And a lot more expensive to "tune" than changing jets when going from Death Valley to Trail Ridge.
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