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As Chicago said there should be an ID tag on the rear end housing. But...the one on my 8" was not correct. When I upgraded to the Currie 9" I ended up with the same rear end ratio. Not what I was after but ok. I wanted to go from the 411 down to a 375. Turns out I had a 375 in the 8". So I lived with it for some time. It would whine when in a neutral state (not accelerating and not decelerating). When I finally changed to a 350 rear end ratio the mechanic used Richmond gears in the carrier and the whine is gone. I got the ratio change that I wanted, lowered cruising RPM's by about 200. The biggest motivator was going out to the track and getting a little better drivability through the gears. I know it's different than what you're looking at but I wanted to share with you anyway. I also dont understand why you want to stay with the CR heritage. Make it better. I upgraded the drum brakes to 11" discs, the limited slip was shot and needed a rebuild, so I spent some $$ and went with all new parts. Same time I improved the coilover mounts to the frame and rear end.

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