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Originally Posted by eschaider View Post

I stumbled onto your Lambo Miura project thread.

Absolutely Stunning from concept, to design to the actual build would fall embarassingly short of the mark. I was blown away! That is a scratch build from the get go and you build everything including the aluminum body. Your creativity, vision and craftsmanship is right off the scale!

WOW! Very, Very Impressive!!
Thanks Ed!!

After seeing the Miura project, it's probably more obvious why I'm trying to tightly manage the spending on my Cobra (every dollar that goes into the Cobra doesn't go into the Miura). But alas, the Cobra is going to require some "investment" if I'm going to keep it "drivable". On the first road trip after fixing the gas tank venting, I think the engine spun a rod bearing

I haven't published this adverse outcome yet as I haven't pulled the engine to verify, but the rpm variable clack and metal sheen in the oil are fairly telling symptoms. A friend and I checked the whole top end and no major issues found there, the compression is good on all 8, and so there's only one thing left that it really can be. So I'm now collecting up information about all the issues in my Cobra so I can create a "budget" for fixes to make it safely drivable again. I guess it's true that owning and enjoying a Cobra is a fairly constant drain on the wallet
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