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Default A "Snake Bite " to Remember

Since the site been down, I've had plenty of time to do my (Normal) dumb thing's. But I believe I may have out done myself this time. Years ago, we had a granddaughter that was Oh, around 2-3 years old, and just loved the outline of a Lion on our Wood Stove, well you guessed it, she touched it one day and brunt her finger. From then on, we played the game, we would say "Could be" and she would say "Dangerous" and we would say "Must use" and she would say "Caution" Well Grandpa Tom, used none of those the other day. After a grand drive, and a spirited last 4-miles, I pulled into friend house, and without thinking got out of the Cobra, got my leg caught on the pipe, and ended up with 3rd degree burns Not Smart and totally My Fault. Go ahead guys give me a ration I deserve it. But a humorous story came out of it. In the urgent care, my Doctor came in and said what seems to be the problem, Snake Bite I said. Well at least there are no Poisonous snakes in the Pacific Northwest, so what kind of snake bit you. I said, "bet me, my Cobra bit me", she damn near dropped her chart, and turned pale white Then I showed her a picture Everyone on staff had a great laugh, and she said I can tell everyone I treated a Cobra bite and the Patient lived. Some lessons are harder to learn than others Cheers guys.
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