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Originally Posted by HTM101 View Post
Years ago I had to blast the engine compartment of my Cobra with a dry chemical extinguisher and did a great job of putting out the fire. However, the chemical etched every piece of aluminum in the engine bay; inner fender liners, firewall, radiator, everything.

I switched to a Halotron extinguisher.
I use Halguard Clean Agent (no residue) fire bottles.

One mounted under dash plus a small trunk mounted backup.

The Element extinguisher sticks are compact and clever but:
1) Appears to have very limited range when deployed.
2) Requires both hands to activate. A properly mounted fire bottle
is accessible with left and right hand. Operated with only one hand.
This is about suppressing a potential post-crash fire while injured.
3) Once started it expels completely. No bursts.
4) No way to test if still good until it's needed. Fire bottles are metered and tested.

Correct me if my observations were in err.

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