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Originally Posted by 767Jockey View Post
Not sure if it's been noted here on Club Cobra, but one of our more prominet engine suppliers has closed their doors for good according to their website:

That's sad news. So many one here have spoken highly of Craft engines, under both Keith's and later Lance's leadership. Yet another respected member of our hobby has fallen victim to the dire economic situation our country finds itself embroiled in. This coupled with the fact that the hobby we all love and enjoy seems to be fading with the aging baby boomer population makes it that much harder for those who earn their living servicing our hobby.

Not much more to be said about the demise of respected Craft Racing Engines. It's just sad. Hopefully guys like Brent Lykins, Blair Patrick, etc can keep their businesses going until we come out the far side of all this economic mayhem.

Wishing the best for all of Craft Racing Engines employees and their families.
Every engine shop around is so busy, they cannot keep up. I visit multiple places that make aftermarket crankshafts, pistons, rods, lifters and aftermarket engine blocks for Chrysler and other companies. Again, none of them can keep up.

Sometimes those that are the best at being mechanically inclined are the worst at paperwork or even running a business.
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